Specialist Intellectual Property Lawyers

We protect every pixel, stitch and rivet with the diligence you deserve

Intellectual Property Protection

The preventative measures we meticulously provide to protect your IP from canny competitors and potential plagiarists.

Our Process

The intangible nature of Intellectual Property can make it tricky to pin down, protect and exploit. That's where our personal ISP process comes in.


We collaborate closely with you to identify and define your Intellectual Property.


We build a bespoke strategy to safeguard your Intellectual Property against incoming threats.


We continuously enforce your tailored safeguarding strategy, anticipating and inhibiting potential infringements.
Recent recipients of our impenetrable IP protection

IP Exploration

In your free face-to-face IP Exploration, our team of solicitors will work with you to identify and define your Intellectual Property; then we can get started on safeguarding your business' most valuable asset.