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Our Fees

Here at McDaniels Law our main aim is always to provide our clients with honest, straightforward and cost-effective expert legal advice. We are top ranked as intellectual property specialists by both Chambers and Legal 500 and we are proud that our pricing is extremely competitive as against other specialist firms.

In respect of litigation work (including oppositions and invalidity actions), we aim to offer fixed fees for initial correspondence with the other side (often referred to as a cease and desist letter). Beyond that it is usually not possible to offer fixed fees due to the bespoke nature of any litigation however we will always discuss fees with you, and will continue to do so throughout each stage of your case. As mentioned, our hourly rates are extremely competitive by comparison to other expert intellectual property firms. We do not have expensive city centre offices and work hard to keep our overheads as low as possible to ensure that you will be able to access expert, top ranked intellectual property advice at the best rates possible.

For non-contentious work we aim to offer clients a fixed fee so that you know the costs you are likely to be facing. These fixed fees cover all of our trade mark and design registration and portfolio management services. We can also offer fixed fees on international registrations but please contact us for more information on this. We also generally aim to agree a fixed fee for the initial drafting of any commercial agreements. The amount of these fixed fees depends on exactly what you require but they are comprehensive and competitive and the fee levels for trade mark and design filings and renewals are set out in our fee documentation. If you would like to request a copy of the same please email legal@mcdanielslaw.com but most of our basic fixed fee structures for registrations and renewals of trade marks and designs are set out below.




Form/DescriptionOfficial FeeOur Fee (Excluding VAT)
TM3/Application in One Class£170£495
Each Additional Class£50£100
TM3A/Addition of class during Prosecution£50£100
TM5/Requesting Statement of Grounds of the Registrar’s
TM7/ Filing Notice of Opposition£200TBA
TM8/ Filing Counter Statement£200TBA
TM9/ Extension of time on an application£100TBA
TM9c/ Request to enter/extend the cooling off periodnilTBA
TM11/ Renewal of trade mark registration£200£400
Each additional class£50£100
Late payment£50£100
TM12/ Request to divide application£100£400
Each resulting application£200£200
Each extra class, if the application has more than 1 class£50TBA
TM13/ Request for restoration and renewal of registration
removed from register for non-payment of renewal fee
TM16/ Application to register a change of proprietor£50£200 per mark
TM17/ Request to merge applications or registrationsnil£250
TM21/ Request to change the details of an application or
nil£250 per mark
TM22/ Notice to surrender a registrationnil£350
TM23/ Notice of partial surrender of specification of
TM24/ Application to record a registerable transaction other
than an assignment or licence
£50£350 per mark
TM25/ Alteration of a registered marknil£400
TM26/ Application for a declaration of invalidity/
TM27/ Application to intervene in proceedingsnil£500
TM31 Request for information about Registration Marks
TM33/Request to appoint or change agent or enter address
for service
nil£250 per mark
TM35/ Filing regulations regarding use of collective or
certification marks
TM36/Application to amend regulations governing use of
certification or collective mark
TM50/Application to register a licence£50£350 per mark
TM51/Application to remove or amend a licence£50£350 per mark
TM53/Request to proceed to evidence roundsnil£250
TM54/Notice of giving evidencenil£250
TM55/Notice of Appeal to Appointed Personnil£400



Form/DescriptionOfficial FeeOur Fee (Excluding VAT)
Application (one class)€850£800
Application (two classes)€900£150
Application (three classes)€1050£100
Each extra class€150£100
Claiming a priority £150
Claiming additional priorities £100 per priority
Alteration of representation of a trade mark€850£750
On-line renewal in one class€850£750
Renewal fee for second class€50£200
Renewal fee for third class€150£150
Renewal fee for fourth and subsequent classes€150£150
Additional fee for late payment of renewal fee25% of renewal fee subject to a maximum of €1500£400
Application for Revocation or declaration of invalidity€630TBA
Fee for resitutio in integrum€200£500
Fee for conversion of a mark into a national trade mark application€200£500
Assignment, etc. TBC£550 per mark
Licence recordal€200 (£135) per mark, not to exceed a total of €1000 (£675)£550 per marl
Licence cancellation€200 per mark, not to exceed a total of €1000£550 per mark
Alteration of mark€200£450
Uncertified copies or extracts€10£100
Certified copy or extract€30£100
Fee for inspection of files (minimum)€30£100
Fee for filing International Application at the office€300TBA
Fees for Collective Marks TBCTBA
Renewal Basic€3,000TBA
Registration Basic€1,800TBA


Description Official Fee Our Fee (Excluding VAT)
Basic fee for applying for International Registration on the basis
of a UK trademark in up to 3 classes at WIPO*
120 SFr 653 (TBC) £900
UKIPO handling fee £40 TBA
Fee if Reproduction is unclear SFr 903
Additional fee for 4th class and any further classes SFr 100 £175 per class
Additional fee for each designated state £195
Claiming a priority £195
Claiming additional priorities £100 per priority
Renewal in up to 3 classes SFr 653 £995
Additional classes SFr 100 £100 per class
Surcharge for late payment, per fee 50% £150
Basic fee for taking over representation upon national objection TBC £450
Transfer of International Registration (total or partial) SFr 177 TBA
Change of name, address of holder of International Registration SFr 150 TBA
Recordal of licence SFr 177 TBA
Certificates SFr 125 TBA
Subsequent designation for designated state TBC £700
Additional fee for each designated state TBC £195
*use WIPO fee calculator to confirm official fees.




DescriptionOfficial FeeOur Fee (Excluding VAT)
Application to register a design; online format (single application)£50£320
Application fee to register up to 10 designs; online format£70£150 per design
Application fee to register 10 subsequent designs; online format+£20 (£90 total)£150 per design
Request for Statement of Grounds of decisions£65£300
Application for invalidation or cancellation of registration  
(a) Proprietor cancellation of designnil£450
(b) Invalidation of registered design£48£650
Sending Certificate£100 per design
Request for extension of time to complete application for registration of design  
(a) Extension 1 month£18£100
(b) Extension 2 months£36£100
(c) Extension 3 months£54£100
Extend / review period of protection for UK Registered Design  
(a) 2nd period renewal*£70£400
(b) 3rd period renewal*£90£450
(c) 4th period renewal*£110£500
(d) 5th period renewal*£140£550
Register assignment, licence or mortgage of UK Registered Designnil£600
Request for alteration of namenil£250
Application to publish 1 or more designs£40TBA
Request for correction of errornil£250
Application for restituto in integrum for Registered Design£120TBA
Fee for restoring a registered design£120£450
Request for search amongst UK registered designs£25£250
Request for certified copies  
(a) sealed by Registrar£22£200
(b) stamped by Registrar£16£200


Description Official Fee Our Fee (Excluding VAT)
Application for Community Register Design €230 £550
Additional fee (for 2-10 designs) €115 £150 per design
Additional fee (for 11 or more designs) €50 £90 per design
Publication €120 NIL
Additional fee (for 2-10 designs) €60 NIL
Additional fee (for 11 or more designs) €30 NIL
Deferred publication €40 NIL
Additional fee (for 2-10 designs) €20 NIL
Additional fee (for 11 or more designs) €10 NIL
Application for invalidity of a Community Registered Design €350 TBA
Appeal €800 TBA
First Renewal* €90 £400
Second Renewal* €120 £450
Third Renewal* €150 £500
Fourth Renewal* €180 £550
Copy of App/Extract (uncertified) €10 TBA
Copy of App/Extract (certified) €10 TBA
Sending Certificate £125


*Fee is per design renewal, but discounts are available for bulk renewals.