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A Bright Future For IP Rights Under The New Government?

As the General Election has now taken place, a new Government means a new IP Minister. The previous Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, Viscount Camrose, rather unceremoniously lost the job today with the landslide victory for the Labour Party, making space for the new Minister, who is yet to be announced.

The role of the IP Minister is becoming increasingly more important, with issues such as the impact of Brexit, and AI proving to cause significant consequences to businesses who hold IP rights. Those involved in creative industries, such as the writing profession, have voiced concerns about how the misuse of AI poses a significant risk to these rights. However, others, such as Dan Conway, CEO of the Publishers Association, have an optimistic view that the new government recognises that the UK’s creative industries hold great value.

Since 2018, there have been seven Ministers for AI and Intellectual Property, showing a lack of enthusiasm and importance towards the position. As the continuing risks of issues such as the impact of Brexit and the continuing growth of the use AI remain a rising threat to business, it is hoped that the new government will take a more focused, proactive approach towards IP.

The former Minister recently worked closely with the UKIPO to investigate how the address for service rules and unvetted representative addresses can be used to cause harm to rights holders. This was a project which showed an increased drive from the UKIPO to make policy changes in this area. It is hoped that this increase in IP policy engagement between the UKIPO and Government continues into the new Labour Government, proving positive for businesses engaging with IP rights across the UK.

The new IP Minister announcement is imminent and if it is the former shadow minister Matt Rodda, we hope he will be able to provide positive changes for IP policy over the course of his term in office.

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