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Record Companies Sue AI Music Creation Companies

Several of the most prominent record labels, including Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, are taking legal action against AI music creation companies Suno and Udio. In the lawsuits filed on Monday 24th June, the record companies claimed that Suno and Udio are infringing copyrighted works.

This action follows wider calls from artists to stop the ‘predatory’ use of artificial intelligence within the music industry in a letter published back in April.

Suno and Udio provide software which allows users to generate songs with the use of written prompts. This has led to the creation of songs, such as ‘BBL Drizzy’, produced by Metro Boomin, which have become instant hits on platforms such as TikTok. Record companies and artists argue that generative AI, such as AI music creation software, uses copyrighted works to train their software models, and AI companies are using these works without the permission of the copyright owners.

AI music creation companies claim that they are permitted by law to use these works under the doctrine of fair use, and under copyright infringement exceptions, such as where used for satire or news.

It is reported that the record companies have asked for $150,000 (approximately £118,000) per infringed song in compensation. The Recording Industry Association of America states that these claims aim to ensure that generative AI systems are developed responsibly, ethically and lawfully.

It will be for the US federal courts for the District of Massachusetts and Southern District of New York to decide whether they will grant damages and/or an injunction on the basis that Suno and Udio have infringed copyrighted sound recordings owned by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group.

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