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Adidas Takes Aim At Online Counterfeiters

Adidas has issued proceedings against 100 websites in a Florida federal court for various offences including trade mark infringement, cybersquatting and unfair competition. Adidas alleges that the websites in question are selling counterfeit goods which are in turn costing it sales and damaging its reputation as a provider of high-quality sportswear.

Websites such as “adidasemporium.com”, “profootballjersey.shop” and “jordan1best.com” are all now in the firing line, with Adidas seeking $2 million per each instance of trade mark infringement as well as injunctions against the owners of each website.

Adidas is also seeking an order which would force internet service providers to cease hosting the websites and which would require internet search engines to “permanently disable, de-index or delist” the websites.

In respect of the alleged counterfeit goods, Adidas claims these are “of a quality substantially different” from genuine Adidas products, thereby confusing customers into believing that the alleged inferior item was in fact manufactured by Adidas and adversely affecting its stellar reputation as a result.

In a statement, Adidas asserted that it, and other global companies, expend considerable “legal fees” and “investigative fees” in order to combat the harm caused by counterfeit goods and to protect “consumers and themselves from the confusion and erosion of the goodwill embodied” in their respective brands.

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