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In July, the UK Government finished its first consultation on changes related to the Intellectual Property Office’s (IPO) new digital services and tribunal services, the key outcomes of which relate to: 24/7 services, legislative changes to modernise the IP system, self-services for customers and IP hearings and processes. Now the government has pushed further and concluded a second consultation to focus on specific trade mark and design issues, as well as making some proposals on patents and tribunals.

The new consultation proposes to abolish series trade marks, which allow applicants to apply for up to six trade marks that are similar to one another at a reduced cost, for example, the same logo in different colours. Series marks tend to have a higher objection rate, and only represent 10% of trade mark applications. The proposed abolition is made as the legal protection that these marks add for applicants is unclear.

Further proposals are made in respect of a new digital service enabling the public to view documents online relating to trade marks and designs, rather than having to attend the IPO’s office or order documents, and thus providing easier access.

The consultations are all in preparation for the development of the new digital trade marks, designs and tribunal services launching in 2025.

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