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The monetisation of the Wagatha Christie saga continues, this time in the form of a Disney+ documentary.

Disney+ have made changes to the upcoming documentary after London Entertainment Inc. Limited, reportedly on behalf of Rebekah Vardy trade marked the term “Wagatha Christie”. The documentary will now be called “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story” as Rooney and Disney+ have been careful not to use the term “Wagatha Christie” so as not to ignite yet about legal battle between the infamous pair.

Rooney has not been shy in sharing her side of the story since the end of the trial, she was even the face of British Vogue following her bombshell interview with the magazine. British Vogue even branded Rooney a “detective” on the front cover after she was likened to Dame Agatha Christie, British detective novelist for her role in the Wagatha Christine saga.

Disney+ & Rooney are unable to use the trade marked term “Wagatha Christie” as London Entertainment own the rights to it on behalf of Vardy, even though it wasn’t Vardy who came up with the catchy slogan. The case poses as a pertinent reminder that you do not have to be the creator of a phrase to register it as a trade mark.

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