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That’s the way the (fortune) cookie crumbles

Two Dublin-based Chinese restaurants have reached a settlement in a High Court trade mark dispute. Hitianland Limited, owner of “Xi’an Street Food”, issued proceedings against  IR Entertainment Limited for trade mark infringement over its use of the name “Meet Xi’an” in Dublin.

Hitianland claimed that the name “Meet Xi’an”  infringed its registered trade mark rights. A claim was also made that IR Entertainment copied its logo, which consists of Chinese characters.

Hitianland were seeking an injunction to prevent IR Entertainment’s use of the name as well as monetary damages in respect of trade mark infringement and passing off. IR Entertainment denied any wrongdoing.

The claim was due to be heard in the High Court of Ireland, though was adjourned to allow the parties further time to negotiate settlement. When the matter subsequently returned to the High Court, the parties confirmed that a settlement had been reached. The terms of settlement are yet to be publicly disclosed.  

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