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Back in January, we reported that National Westminster Bank, commonly known as ‘NatWest’, is offering a scheme to help businesses to secure funding which allows the businesses to use their intellectual property assets as collateral.

The bank has now issued their first IP-backed loan to UK software company, Sci-Net, for £700,000. Sci-Net, who have already established partnerships with major companies, including Microsoft, has stated that this loan will enable it to ‘grow the software further so [we’re] able to work with more businesses across various sectors’.

NatWest’s new IP loans start from £250,000 against up to 50% of the value of a firm’s intellectual property assets, which is determined by Inngot, a specialist IP evaluation company.

Inngot’s CEO has highlighted the significance of NatWest’s IP backed loans, stating that ‘it rewards UK SMEs for investing in IP, and I believe it will help more companies to realise the importance and value of a strong IP strategy. I can’t think of a better way to encourage SMEs to take IP more seriously than to show them that they can borrow against its value’.

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