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Disgraced US congressman, George Santos has entered into legal proceedings against talk-show host, Jimmy Kimmel, over alleged copyright infringement.

Santos, who was expelled from congress in December following alleged fraud and numerous lies about his past, currently makes an income through Cameo, an app which allows fans to request personalised messages from celebrities.

However, he is alleging copyright infringement after Kimmel used a number of fake user profiles to make bizarre requests, such as asking Santos to congratulate a non-existent fan for cloning her dog. Kimmel then aired Santos’ responses and ridiculed them during a segment of his late-night talk show, which was called ‘Will Santos say it?’.

Whilst Kimmel did pay for the content, the videos were licensed for ‘personal use’. Therefore, as the videos were broadcast on television, Santos is seeking $750,000 in damages from Kimmel, ABC, and Disney.

It is to be seen in whose favour the court will decide.

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