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Dr Martens stamping out infringers

World renowned footwear retailer, Dr Martens, has issued proceedings in the High Court against ever-growing e-commerce site, Temu, for alleged trade mark infringement.

Dr Martens claims that Temu is using the brand’s iconic trade marks, such as “Dr Martens” and “Airwair”, as keywords in Google ads used to promote its own purportedly counterfeit footwear. Consequently, Dr Martens has also claimed that its own products are no long top of Google search results for the brand.

This is not the first occasion on which legal action has been taken against Temu in respect of alleged IP infringement. Fellow e-commerce site, Shein, has also brought proceedings against Temu for purported copying of imagery and “deceptive statements”.

How the High Court will assess the dispute, or if some settlement may be achieved in the meantime, remains to be seen.

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