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Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day

Today is the annual celebration of World Intellectual Property Day. This global campaign seeks to emphasise the significance of intellectual property protection and aims to generate awareness of various intellectual property rights.

This year, the campaign focuses on women innovators, creators and entrepreneurs and the amazing and ground-breaking work that they do.

Women across the globe are constantly shaping the world we live in with their endless ingenuity and creativity. Therefore, it is important to recognise the significant challenges they still face when seeking to access the knowledge, resources and support they need in order to continue that work.

There remains too few women involved in the intellectual property system, and consequently too few women benefiting from the advantages of intellectual property. It is vital that we encourage more women to utilise the intellectual property system to better establish and protect the value of their work. Embracing more women into the world of intellectual property would allow the development of better technologies that work for everyone, establish more thriving women-led businesses, and support women innovators in all industries.

When women benefit, we all benefit. That’s why on this World Intellectual Property Day, we celebrate the success of women in intellectual property, and look forward to an even more prosperous and diverse future.

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