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BBC One’s Northern Justice – Helping BabaBing

As part of a ten-part BBC One documentary series ‘Northern Justice’, members of the McDaniels Law team feature with some of our clients who share their experience of others copying their products. In the Northern Justice programmes, we demonstrate how we help to protect our clients’ hard-earned intellectual property rights and stop others from infringing and benefitting from their ideas and investment. In episode 4, we feature with our client BabaBing, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of baby products. The family business launched a unique baby-changing backpack, however, they later discovered that a near-identical version of their product was being sold by a large discount supermarket chain. McDaniels Law Director, Niall Head-Rapson and the team take on the case and gather evidence to try and stop the retail giant from selling their product. In the programme, commenting on the David v Goliath struggle, BabaBing Director Nick Robinson said: “If you believe that you’ve got a case, you stick by it and you carry on. There was too much work involved at the time in the development of the bag just to let it go, with Niall’s assistance, he did a great job”. Highlighting the reward of representing clients like BabaBing, Niall said in the episode: “They’ve had to work really hard to get their products into major high street retailers and then somebody comes along and just cuts the rug from under them…we like to act in cases where we feel there’s been an injustice. They’ve invested time, effort, money into creating a brand, creating a product, they’ve got to take action to protect their business.” The full episode is available on BBC iPlayer here. If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact the team at McDaniels Law. on 0191 281 4000 or legal@mcdanielslaw.com. in: Case Law, Companies, Copyright, Defamation

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