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We can bearly tell these toys apart!

On 12 February 2024 Jazwares, the maker of Squishmallows, entered into legal proceedings against Build-A-Bear Workshop over the alleged infringement of the copyright in its plush toys.

The copyright dispute comes after Build-A-Bear launched a line of plush toys called SKOOSHERZ, which Jazwares has described as ‘knockoffs’ of its own products. They want the Court to order Build-A-Bear to stop selling their SKOOSHERS range or any similar products and grant an award of damages.

It is true that both parties are selling ‘soft, pillow-like squishie-type’ plush toys. However, whilst Jazwares alleges that Build-A-Bear has intentionally imitated its products, Build-A-Bear claims that they are simply creating a newest product within a type of plush toys which have gained great popularity.

It is to be seen in whose favour the court will decide.

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