Plagiarism is more common than ever before, and protecting your design can give you peace of mind. We'll work with you to identify the existence of design right, the potential for registration, whether there is an infringement, terms of licencing or right to licencing.

How we can help you

We can help you identify, secure, and protect the Intellectual Property rights that are important to your business. We deal with ownership, infringement, sale, assignment, licensing and exploitation issues on both sides of the fence acting for both the creators and those wishing to commercially exploit works.  

Design protection is undervalued, and taking proactive action to discern any existing design right in place and the potential for registration before you launch the design to the market can future proof your business and enhance your asset base. 

Design services we offer

  • Identification
  • Registration
  • Enforcement
  • Licensing
  • Assignment
  • Mortgaging

Typical process to register a design

  • Send us the product, identifying the new features
  • Provide line drawings, which together, we will refine to ensure they are appropriate for design registration
  • Prepare the application and file
  • Deal with any issues raised
  • Confirm the registration

Why we are best placed to help with your design cases

Our Intellectual Property experts have experience in acting for a plethora of artists, designers and businesses. We offer practical advice and viable commercial solutions to suit you, drawing on our industry specialism to give you the best advice.  

Watch our video on design rights

What do I do next?

Speak to one of our design experts, Niall Head-Rapson or Kelly Hudson - email or call +44 (0) 191 281 4000.

Niall Head-Rapson


With 23 years' experience of leading cases in all aspects of Intellectual Property in areas of Patent Law, Copyright, Design, Trade Marks and Confidential Information, Niall advises regularly on Intellectual Property Strategy, a combination of identification of rights, securing those rights in the correct place and a strategy for policing and enforcement.
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