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E-commerce retailer, Temu, has issued proceedings against e-commerce rival retailer, Shein, in what will be a battle of the retailers.

Temu has alleged that Shein is “instigating and supporting dubious copyright infringement lawsuits” against Temu and doing so in an intimidating manner. Temu has alleged that Shein is illegally interfering with its business and going so far as to bully, intimidate and detain suppliers. Shein has been accused of confiscating merchant’s mobile phones during meetings in order to access confidential information and threatened penalties to suppliers doing business with Temu. Shein has further been accused of misusing intellectual property legislation to disrupt Temu’s operations and damage Temu’s brand.

The claim has been filed in a US District Court in Columbia, Washington. A spokesperson for Shein has refuted the claims, claiming the issued proceedings are “without merit” and has vowed to defend itself.

It is to be seen if Shein will defend the claim or if the matter will settle, as like other intellectual property related disputes between these two parties.

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