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The estate of late singer – songwriter Prince has won a trade mark dispute over Bang Energy’s “Purple Rain” energy drink. A subsidiary of Bang Energy tried to register “Purple Rain” as a trade mark at the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office (“USPTO”) back in 2020 for use on energy drinks, dietary supplements and sports beverages. Bang Energy has become increasingly popular recently over TikTok collaborations with popular influencers. The hashtag #BangEnergy has over 18 billion views on the social media platform. The USPTO ruled the trade mark was denied on the grounds “Purple Rain” is widely associated with Prince. The ruling reads “we find on this record that Purple Rain points uniquely and unmistakably to Prince.” Representatives for Prince’s estate claim “Purple Rain is not a work in the English language”. Bang Energy has expressed hope of negotiating a deal in the future with the Prince’s estate. If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact the team at McDaniels Law on 0191 291 4000 or legal@mcdanielslaw.com. in: Case Law, Companies, Consumer Law, EU/International, Legal News, News, Trade Marks

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