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Let’s get it on record, no more appeals

Back in May we reported that British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran had successfully defended a copyright infringement claim over his hit song “Thinking Out Loud”.

Heirs of Marvin Gaye & Ed Townsend’s respective estates issued proceedings against Sheeran back in 2017 claiming his song “Thinking Out Loud” infringed the late singers song “Let’s Get It On”. However, following a six day trial, a New York federal court returned a verdict in Sheeran’s favour.

The Heirs of Townsend’s estate have withdrawn an appeal with prejudice, confirming an appeal cannot be refiled in the future.

A representative for Sheeran has commented that Townsend’s estate had “[recognised] that an appeal would end up with the verdict being affirmed but also with them being exposed to legal fees and costs, and wisely withdrew.”

The filing from Townsend’s estate finally draws this lengthy legal battle to a close.    

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