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Google’s Singular-ly Created Patents

Back in 2019, a technology company known as ‘Singular Computing’ alleged that well-known multinational technology company, Google, had copied its technology in order to improve its artificial intelligence services. Over four years later, on 09 January 2024 the matter has proceeded to trial in Boston, Massachusetts.

John Bates, founder of the claimant, Singular Computing, initiated the legal proceedings on behalf of the company. He claims to have repeatedly met with representatives for Google regarding his computer processing innovations between the years of 2010 and 2014. He further claims that the popular search engine rejected Bates’ developments on the basis that they were not ‘right for the type of applications Google [was] developing’. Despite this, Google then introduced processing units for the purpose of powering AI in 2016 which Singular Computing claims copy the said innovations and infringe two of its patents.

Google denies the claims, asserting that its developments are ‘fundamentally different than what is described in Singular’s patents’. It has also described Bates as a ‘disappointed inventor’, claiming that the employees behind their technological developments designed them independently of those who met the Singular Computing founder.

Singular Development are seeking $1.67 billion in monetary damages for the alleged infringement. However, it is to be seen in whose favour the court will decide.

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