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Are all dee’z nuts confusing to you?

A nut company called ‘Dee’s Nuts’ is suing Mr. Beast’s sweet company ‘Feastables’ for alleged trade mark infringement over the name of one of its products ‘Deez Nuts’.

Brian Ditore, self-proclaimed Head Nut Slinger, founded Dee’s Nuts over a decade ago in a tribute to his grandmother and her comedic flair. In a bid to protect its intellectual property rights, Dee’s Nuts has issued court proceedings against Feastables on the basis its product ‘Deez Nuts’ is “confusingly similar and phonetically equivalent” to Dee’s Nuts. “Dee’s Nuts” was registered as a trade mark at the US Patent & Trademark Office back in 2012.

Dee’s Nuts is seeking a preliminary injunction in the interim followed by a permanent injunction at the end of proceedings to prevent Feastables from using the ‘Deez Nuts’ name. Dee’s Nuts allegedly sent a cease and desist letter to Deez Nuts back in February and before issuing proceedings, but to no avail.

It is to be seen in who’s nuts the jury will favour.

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