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English singer and songwriter Sam Smith and American singer, Normani, have successfully defended a copyright claim over their 2020 hit song ‘Dancing With A Stranger’.

Artist, Jordan Vincent and producer Christopher Miranda issued proceedings against the duo back in 2022 for alleged copyright infringement of their own song ‘Dancing With Strangers’. Vincent and Miranda claimed “it is beyond any real doubt that Smith, Normani and other defendants copied [claimants] work” as there are clear similarities between the songs.

There was legal debate between the parties over whether or not the melodic phrase in the Dancing With Strangers song should be afforded copyright protection, but in its ruling, the judge stated “regardless of whether the Dancing With Strangers melodic phrase is original and protectable … the Dancing With A Stranger melodic phrase does not unlawfully appropriate it”.

Smith & Normani’s motion for dismissal was granted by the court. It is to be seen if Vincent and Miranda will appeal the decision.

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