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All I want for Christmas is $20,000,000

Back in November 2022, we reported on court proceedings which had been issued and subsequently withdrawn, against Mariah Carey for alleged copyright infringement relating to her festive smash hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Songwriter, Andy Stone, known professionally as Vince Vance, originally claimed that Carey’s hit song copies his own 1989 release of the same name which gained popularity in the festive country charts in the early 1990s.

Stone, and his co-writer Troy Powers, have now reignited their claim against Mariah Carey, claiming in their latest submission that Carey’s song copies the “compositional structure of an extended comparison between a loved one and trappings of seasonal luxury” of their song. Further, the pair have accused Carey of copying the melody, lyrics and feel of their song.  The pair are able to file the claim for a second time as it was previously withdrawn on a without prejudice basis.

Stone and Powers are seeking upwards of $20 million in damages from Carey. Whether Stone and Powers will see their claim through to its conclusion on this occasion remains to be seen. Carey’s label, Sony Music, elected not to respond to the previous claim.

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