Jun 17, 2022

We thought Wonka Bars were meant to be delicious not dangerous?!

Wonka Bars originated from family book, and then film, of Charlie and the Chocolate Family and are renowned for the golden tickets surprise enclosed inside. The bars have made their way to American candy shops, but were not at home for long on Oxford Street.

Essentially, “fake” Wonka bars, classed as counterfeit goods, have recently been confiscated from an American candy shop on Oxford Street, London, after the shop was raided. Westminster Council reported that trading standards took £100,000 worth of merchandise from the store. The Foods Standards Agency have warned not to eat the bars as it believes the chocolate is being produced or repackaged by unregistered business and individuals, who may not be complying with the laws on food hygiene, labelling and traceability. Furthermore, the labelling on the counterfeit bars does not contain allergens found in the product, which poses a major risk to consumers with allergies.

The council has been targeting further US-themed sweet shops because of claims that £8 million of business rates are outstanding. It has recovered nearly £500,000 of counterfeit and illegal goods over the past six months in its mission to recover the amount.

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in: Regulatory

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