Aug 30, 2022

Trouble BrewDogging Up Over Trade Mark Dispute

BrewDog are probably the most well-known of the craft beer makers that have become very popular in recent years. They are renowned for innovative products and marketing campaigns which have cut through the public consciousness. As well as beer, Brew Dog also make other alcohol products, including gin, which it sells under its ‘Lone Wolf’ name.

BrewDog obtained a US trade mark in 2016 for its ‘Lone Wolf’ brand but this has now been challenged by a company called Lone Wolf Cigar Cellar based in Los Angeles who are seeking to have the trade mark cancelled. Lone Wolf Cigar Cellar, who appear to have been founded in 2010, claim that the BrewDog trade mark is damaging its business and is presumably seeking to rely on an earlier right based on its trading history. BrewDog in response has stated that they have been selling Lone Wolf products in the USA since 2019 but have expressed a hope that the matter can be resolved amicably.

It is likely that the dispute has arisen because the cigar company has plans to expand in to alcohol with the opening of its own bar having acquired a liquor license. As they are not yet and have not in the past sold alcohol related products it is however unlikely they would have an earlier right for the sale of alcohol so they will presumably have to hope that the US trade mark office feels that cigars and the other services they offer are close enough for there to be confusion.

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