Apr 23, 2021

They're Chanel-ish

Chanel recently filed a trade mark infringement lawsuit (including other claims) against Miami-based retailer DESIGNER-ISH and various associates for the alleged unlawful use of its well-known double “C” logo on various items of clothing. Chanel alleges that the trade mark infringement is intended to cause confusion among consumers resulting in the same purchasing the infringing products, and that DESIGNER-ISH is attempting to profit from doing so.

In this matter, the alleged unlawful use of the trade mark has also been used by DESIGNER-ISH on face masks. Face masks continue to be routinely worn due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that face masks have become a part of everyday life, demand for fashionable, rather than just functional, masks has increased exponentially. Chanel, and many other companies, has begun to sell face masks under their own brand with the hope that they can profit from this trend which may not last too long into the future. It is reported that Chanel’s legal representatives had sent DESIGNER-ISH a number of cease and desist letters before commencing proceedings, which failed to achieve their desired effect. Chanel is now claiming damages as well as its legal costs and an injunction to stop the infringements.

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Posted by: Adham Harker in: EU/International, Trade Marks

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