Feb 26, 2021

Spanish Bullfighting IP

Spain’s Supreme Court recently ruled that a bullfighter’s work could not be registered as intellectual property as it was difficult to identify it as a clear example of artistic creation.

Miquel Angel Perera had argued that his bullfighting performance could be registered as an original artistic creation. The Court reiterated that an intellectual or artistic creation has to be expressed in a form in which it could be objectively and precisely identified, including those forms that are not permanent.

The Court referred to the example of choreography. It said that choreography could be an original intellectual creation as it would be possible to identify the steps and movements of a dance work, whereas with bullfighting it is not possible.

In Spain, although the decision clarifies the extent of the law with regards to what can be registered, for the bullfighting community the decision will come as a disappointment.

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Posted by: Connor Cartledge in: Copyright

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