Mar 1, 2022

Sly Fox

The former owners of the original United States football league (“USFL”) are suing Fox Sports for alleged trade mark infringement with the intent to block Fox Sports launch of a new legacy league. The suit has been filed in Los Angeles, California.

The new version of USFL was set to be launched on 16 April 2022 by Fox Sports. All eight teams involved were allegedly set to use the same franchise names and logos as the original USFL. The former owners are seeking an injunction to prevent Fox Sports’ from using any names or logos associated with the original USFL.

The original USFL began as a spring league in 1983 from 1985, attempting to compete with the NFL in 1986 before essentially being force out of the league business after it filed a lawsuit against the National Football League (“NFL”). The league ended after three seasons.

Since 1986, the original USFL owners have attempted to preserve its legacy through licensing agreements for fan apparel and displays at the Prop Football Hall of Fame. The original USFL argue Fox Sports’ are “claiming the legacy of something it didn’t build.” The law suit suggests Fox Sports' could have created a new, separate league, but chose to reap the goodwill and nostalgia of the original USFL without obtaining permission.

It is to be seen if the Fox Sports’ USFL will go ahead as planned next month.

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