Jul 12, 2022

Settlement for the Sanctuarys

Colorado based Wild Animal Sanctuary Inc (“Wild Animal”) has won a federal trade mark infringement case against Montana and Arizona-based Wild Life Sanctuary Fund Inc (“Wild Life”).

Wild Animal was established by Founder and Executive Director Pat Craig back in 1980 in Denver Colorado. Craig began saving the lives of wild animals after learning many wild animals were being kept in tiny cages in zoos across America. The sanctuary was relocated to Keenesburg, Colorado in 1994.

Wild Animal issued proceedings against Wild Life back in May 2021. In papers filed with the court, Wild Animal allege various similarities including; similar names, website URL addresses and website designs. Wild Animal also alleged customer confusion leading to Wild Life taking contributions which were actually meant for Wild Animal.

The matter was scheduled for a hearing in December 2022, but the parties have managed to come to an agreement out of litigation. Wild Life claims to have given up the domain names and promised not to infringe upon Wild Animal's rights in the future. Although Wild Animal was thought to be seeking damages, the matter has settled with no financial payout. Craig claims “there were no assets in the corporation [Wild Life], to go after the individuals behind the corporation would have meant another lawsuit and more time.”

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