Dec 18, 2018

Samsung patents its holographic technology

For some time now Samsung has been attempting to create a device that projects a hologram.

The science behind holography is not necessarily new. A hologram, like a photograph, is a capture of light reflecting off an object, however as a result of the way a hologram is made the object in the photograph appears to move as you look at it from different angles.

Samsung have now taken the science behind holography to a new level after inventing a device that claims to project 3D images up in to the air, rather than just on a flat surface.  Samsung have filed a patent for its invention which has now been published by the World Intellectual Property Office as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In its application Samsung has detailed how its new technology will work. Samsung has been working on what is called a spatial light modulator which it claims will allow a hologram to be viewed in high quality without a limited viewing angle. Holograms currently only produce lower quality images that only give the effect of movement to the viewer when they look at the image from a certain angle.

The filing of the patent is a clear indication that Samsung has created something they believe is valuable and worth protecting. It is, however, very early days and there is currently no indication as to when this technology is going to be implemented in to mobile phone devices. Given Samsung is due to release a foldable smart phone with a price tag of £1,370 in March next year, it is likely that when the holography technology does become available to consumers it will also come with the premium price tag.

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