Sep 29, 2016

RoboCopp Security Firm Go Into Battle With Orion Pictures Corporation

RoboCopp LLC is an American company that specialises in personal security. They are known for having invented a personal alarm which they named SOUND GRENADE.  In June 2016 RoboCopp LLC filed a US trade mark application for the mark ROBOCOPP covering class 9 for personal alarms.  The application is currently pending.

Orion Pictures Corporation are a subsidiary of MGM and the owners of the Robocop film franchise.  The franchise began in 1987 with the film   ROBOCOP and various sequels have followed, the most recent in 2014.  There have also been various television series, video games and comic books released on behalf of the franchise.

On 20th September 2016 Orion sent a letter to RoboCopp LLC alleging trade mark infringement and threatening litigation unless RoboCopp LLC withdraw their trade mark application and agree to cease use of the mark.  The letter alleged "your choice of the term 'Robocopp' as the brand name for a high-tech, electronically engineered product designed to fight crime was clearly made by design as a transparent attempt to trade on the high-profile brand recognition of Orion's ROBOCOP marks". Orion also reference the fact that RoboCopp LLC use a stylised robot image in marketing material.

RoboCopp LLC have argued that their products are unrelated to entertainment and so do not infringe.  In response to Orion's letter RoboCopp LLC have issued proceedings in California seeking a declaration that their marketing and sales of personal security devices do not constitute trade mark infringement.  A spokesman for RoboCopp LLC said "RoboCopp has a good faith belief that it is not infringing Orion's trademarks or otherwise violating the Lanham Act," The Lanham Act is the informal name given to the US Trademark Act of 1946.

A declaration of non-infringement of a mark can be issued by the court in California. The declaration, if granted, will prevent RoboCopp LCC from being held liable for infringement of Orion's trade mark.

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