Jul 27, 2022

The Rhode to Victory

Last month we reported on a claim for alleged trade mark infringement brought against American model and socialite Hailey Bieber over the launch of her new skin care brand “Rhode”.

Since then, the New York federal court has ruled in favour of Bieber in the first round of the claim. Owners of the fashion brand “Rhode” were seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent Bieber from using the name “Rhode” for the duration of the proceedings. The judge ruled in favour of Bieber, stating the motion for a preliminary injunction was denied without prejudice.

The ruling comes after an oral hearing held on 21 July 2022 in which the judge claimed the fashion brand had failed to demonstrate a likelihood of success in respect of the claim. The judge indicated that whilst the marks are similar, the proximity and competitiveness of the marks is minimal.

The fashion brand told TFL that given how unlikely such preliminary injunctions are, the outcome was somewhat expected. The fashion brand remains confident heading into the next stages of the proceedings. It is to be seen in whose favour the judge will rule.

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