Jul 13, 2018

Rage Against rage against Farage

Rage Against The Machine ("Rage"), giants of global rock and metal, have accused Nigel Farage of intellectual property infringement over "brazen and unlawful" exploitation of their name and logo.

Farage currently hosts a podcast called "Farage Against The Machine". It does not take an IP specialist to see how this issue arose.

A spokesman for Rage explained that the band find the alleged infringement particularly distasteful given their well-publicised left-leaning politics and activism, and Farage's right-wing politics which the band have previously described as racist.

The statement went on to explain that Farage's podcast "falsely associate[s]" him and his "far-right political views" with the band, which they find "abhorrent".

Rage will face some stumbling blocks in any claim they may choose to bring, as their registered trademarks in the UK have all long since lapsed. They will be limited therefore to suing Farage for "passing off" and will therefore have to establish that members of the public have been actually confused as to whether the podcast was associated with the band.

We will keep an eye on this issue to see if it is resolved amicably, or the courts are involved.

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