May 19, 2016

Radiohead Accused of Copyright Infringement Over Burn the Witch Video

British band Radiohead could face legal action for copyright infringement from the family of the creator of the children's TV series the Trumptonshire trilogy.    The trilogy was first aired in the 1960's and included the programmes Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green.  The programmes were based in a fictional idyllic village and used 'stop motion' animation.

Radiohead recently released a video for the single "Burn the Witch".   The video appears to be based on Trumptonshire and uses the same stop motion animation style.  It also features some of the original characters from the TV programme, including Windy Miller, the Mayor of Trumpton and the florist Mrs Cobbit.  However, rather than the cheerful village of Trumptonshire, the video has the same plot as the well-known horror movie The Wicker Man.  The animator of the video has suggested that the band intended the video to show societies current fears about the current refugee crisis in Europe.

The family of the creator of the series have said that they were not approached for consent to base the video on the show and had they have been approached they would not have authorised it.  They consider the video to be a "tarnishing of the brand".  The creator, Gordon Murray, who is now 95 years old, has not been informed by his family of the potential breach as a result of the fear of the upset it may cause him.

The family are considering whether or not to bring an action for breach of copyright. Radiohead have yet to comment.

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