Mar 7, 2016

PRS For Music Set to Introduce New Take Down Tool

PRS for Music ("PRS"), the collective rights organisation which represents over 115,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK, has launched a second new venture.

Joint Licence Scheme

We previously reported here that PRS and another collective rights organisation, Phonographic Performance Limited ("PPL"), are working on an initiative to allow customers to obtain a joint license from both organisations. The organisations would however continue to be separate entities.

Second Venture

PRS has now announced the launch of another new venture, this time working in conjunction with The Publishers Association, the trade body for the UK publishing industry. They propose to develop and release an anti-piracy, 'take down tool' for the internet named 'MAPS' which will be made available to a number of members in March 2016 as part of a trial scheme, prior to a full roll out.


The aim of the MAPS tool is to deliver a bespoke notice and takedown system to members. The system will work by locating unlicensed and/or infringing content online. When such content has been located users will be able to automatically generate and serve take down notices to have the content removed, as well as allowing users to remove links to infringing content found on search engines.

Simon Bourn at PRS commented that the system; "…will allow a far greater number of infringements to be detected, reported and removed online." Whilst it remains to be seen just how effective MAPS will be, any new weapon in the fight against online copyright infringement is to be welcomed.

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