Feb 25, 2021

The Proud Boys lose trade mark rights

The Proud Boys are a US far right, neo-fascist nationalist group that were founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, one of the founders of VICE, ahead of the 2016 US election. The group, who were classified in 2018 as an extremist group, have been in the media a number of times recently in relation to the role they played in the recent attack on the Capitol in Washington DC. Law enforcement is currently investigating the groups role; seven of the groups members are facing charges.

In 2017, a trade mark application for the mark PROUD BOYS was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a year after the groups formation. The mark was filed by the groups legal counsel, and member, Jason Lee Van Dyke, in an effort to stop unauthorised sales of merchandise.

It has recently been confirmed however, that Van Dyke has now submitted documents to the USPTO surrendering the PROUD BOYS registration on the basis that the use of the mark is “discontinued” and there is “no intent to ever resume such use”. World Trade Mark Review have reported that Van Dyke has parted with the mark as he has recently re-established his practice and the group has “continued to make its own brand more and more toxic”.

It is likely that any attempts to trade mark PROUD BOYS in future will likely be refused due to the activities of the group being on the radar of law enforcement.

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Posted by: Hannah Flowers in: Trade Marks

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