Jan 27, 2016

Plenty of Horsing Around in 'My Little Pony' Dispute

In the US, Font Brothers has filed a claim against one of the biggest toy manufacturers, Hasbro and their 'My Little Pony' brand for the alleged usage of its 'Generation B' font on its packaging and website without permission. It is claimed they are using this particular font for the words 'friendship is magic' on packaging thus making the lawsuit covers an array of products.

The Minneapolis-based company says the toy manufacturer failed to purchase a 'special licence' to allow the fonts use on its toy packaging and related service and is seeking damages of $150,000 (£104,820) per infringement.

Hasbro has yet to respond, formal or otherwise, to the allegations made.

Font Brothers charges $20 (£14) for the use of its font on a desktop computer for personal use, however fees will obviously increase according to the number of people likely to see it.

The legal representatives for Font Brothers are asking Hasbro to modify the branding. They state that, "Font Brothers has lost, and will continue to lose, substantial revenue from Defendant's wrongful use, copying, distribution, and creation of unauthorized infringing works based upon the Generation B font software."

Furthermore, considering the scope of the alleged infringements against Hasbro, the potential damages run into the millions. Font Brothers demand the destruction of all products and material which utilise the infringing font.

The pleadings make the extent of the loss clear: "Upon information and belief, the natural, probable, and foreseeable result of Defendant's wrongful conduct has deprived, and continues to deprive, Font Brothers of the benefits and revenue from the sale of licenses to use the GENERATION B font software and to injure Font Brother's relationships with present and prospective customers who rely on the cachet that exclusive licensing creates in the various Font Brothers Works".

Font Brothers also indicated that they made attempts to contact Hasbro regarding the alleged infringement before filing the lawsuit, but no response was forthcoming.

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