Jun 28, 2018

Player Unknown gives up on Fortnite

We have previously reported on Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' ("PUBG") lawsuit against Epic Games over the alleged copyright infringements in the game Fortnite. You can read the original article here.

PUBG have now discontinued their claim. Earlier this week it is said that PUBG's lawyers sent a letter of discontinuance to Epic Games' lawyers alerting them to the withdrawal. It is currently unclear whether that follows any kind of settlement, or represents PUBG's decision to abandon the litigation.

The lawsuit had caused concern or consternation amongst fans of both games. Fortnite fan were concerned that the lawsuit could limit their chosen game. PUBG fans reacted angrily to the lawsuit, accusing the developers of chasing a pay out over copyright infringement when their platform was significantly underperforming. PUBG has had a problem with hacks and cheats in recent months, and fans demanded that the legal resources should be put to work fixing those issues before chasing lawsuits.

It unlikely (but possible) that those demands lead to the end of the lawsuit.

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