Jun 15, 2022

A Paramount Problem

Paramount Pictures is facing an allegation of copyright infringement over the release of Top Gun: Maverick last month.

Paramount Pictures is being sued by the family of the late Israeli writer Ehud Yonay (“the Family”), whose story “Tops Guns” inspired the 1986 original movie Top Gun. The Family suggest Paramount Pictures did not have the rights to the Top Guns story when the sequel film was released last month.

The Family recently filed the claim in the Los Angeles federal court. The Family allege Paramount Pictures did not re-acquire the rights to the story following the termination of the rights under the US Copyright Act in January 2020.

Paramount Pictures seek to defend the allegations, arguing the claims are meritless. The Family seek damages from the studio, including a share of the profits from the film which are thought to be in the region of £438 million ($548 million).

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