Jan 19, 2022

Oh Snap! From Caterpillars to Crocodiles!

Marks & Spencer has found itself embroiled in yet another trade mark battle, this time with popular clothing brand Lacoste.

Lacoste has sued Marks & Spencer for alleged infringement of Lacoste’s famous crocodile logo. The claim relates to a range of products including bedding, clothing items and Marks & Spencer’s Roald Dahl collection. Lacoste claims to have written to Marks & Spencer last year demanding it cease selling and advertising the allegedly infringing goods. Marks & Spencer allegedly refused to do so and continued selling the products.

Lacoste’s famous crocodile logo dates back to around 1933 and comes from French founder and tennis player Rene Lacoste who was nicknamed “the Crocodile”, hence the crocodile logo.

A spokesperson for Marks & Spencer told Bloomberg the products were independent creations and Marks & Spencer intends to robustly defend the claim. Lacoste filed the claim in the High Court in London seeking an injunction and an order to destroy all items bearing the crocodile at Marks & Spencer’s expense.

Marks & Spencer is yet to file a defence.

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