Oct 2, 2017

New UKIP logo similar to Premier League logo

UKIP's new logo, a purple representation of a lion's head, has been compared by many, including Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker, to the Premier League logo, which is also a purple representation of a lion.

UKIP's logo was revealed at its party conference in Torquay last week, as the party's members were invited to vote for one of two new branding options; the option including a purple lion and the tagline "for the nation" won the vote.

The Premier League is rumoured to be reviewing the UKIP logo and the impact it could have on its brand. UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden reportedly told BBC's Daily Politics "I don't mind UKIP being associated with the Premier League". The lion effectively replaces UKIP's previous pound sign logo, which was also purple.

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