Dec 3, 2015

New Order Band Mates' Firmly On The 'Hook'

Peter Hook was the bass player with New Order until his departure in 2007.  Following his departure Hook formed a new band, Peter Hook and the Light, with which he is now touring.

In December 1992 long before his departure from the band Mr Hook and the other band members formed the company Vitalturn Company Ltd. The purpose of Vitalturn was to hold all of New Order's musical and other rights.

Hook is a 25% shareholder in Vitalturn but was absent when the other three band members reformed and set up another company, New Order Ltd.

The remaining three band mates decided to licence the use of the New Order name to the new company.  Since reforming New Order are said to have generated £7.8 million.   New Order's latest album 'Music Complete' was released in September this year and reached number 2 in the album chart.  Hook only receives 1.25% of royalties and other income from merchandising - far less than he claims he is entitled to receive.

The remaining band members argue that they have treated Hook fairly but a High Court Judge has provided Hook with the opportunity to pursue his complaint to a full trial.   The Judge ruled that there is a reasonable chance of Hook proving that he is not getting a fair share of royalties and other income.

Hook claims that his former band mates have stripped the New Order name and have kept him in the dark about setting up a new company without him. Hook claims to be owed £2 million by his former band mates a claim they deny.  The add that all the High Court action will achieve will be huge lawyers bills.  We will keep you posted on updates as to what the court 'Orders'.

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