Jan 24, 2019

Netflix joins Hollywood's biggest labels in trade association

The Motion Picture Association of America ("MPAA") is a trade association and lobbying group that works to further the interests of the movie and TV industry in the US. Its members are Hollywood producers and film makers, and chief amongst them are Disney, Sony, Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros.

Netflix becomes the first non-Hollywood company to join the MPAA, which, since its formation in 1922, has been accessible only to those producers based in LA's film district. Netflix also becomes the first streaming service to join the near-century old association.

The MPAA has a long history of campaigning for more stringent anti-piracy laws. That accords well with Netflix's own stance: it having been a founding member of ACE – the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment in 2017. ACE is made up of all of the MPAA members as well as a plethora of other, smaller, production companies and studios from around the world.

Since Disney bought out 20th Century Fox the MPAA has been bracing itself to lose Fox's significant annual contribution to its coffers. Netflix provides a welcome new injection of capital, and the hope in the industry that the MPAA will continue to effectively lobby on its behalf to combat piracy.

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