Aug 31, 2017

National Trust for Scotland backs down in Glencoe dispute

Earlier this month, the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) made headlines after it was accused of bullying Hilltrek Outdoor Clothing (Hilltrek), a small outdoor clothing company. But what could these two entities have to argue about?

The dispute related to the 'Glencoe DV Jacket', sold by Hilltrek. NTS wrote to Hilltrek stating that it was the proprietor of a UK trade mark for GLENCOE and demanding that Hilltrek cease to use the term on any products or advertising. According to the BBC, the letter threatened legal action if Hilltrek did not comply with NTS's demands within 7 days.

When the clothing company's owner took to social media to share the letter he received from NTS's lawyers, NTS soon announced that its approach may have been too aggressive and stated it was willing to enter a dialogue with Hilltrek.

Since the letter was sent out, NTS has made a dramatic u-turn and announced it had made a mistake in sending the letter to Hilltrek, and that it later found out that Hilltrek has been manufacturing its 'Glencoe DV Jacket for years. NTS announced this week that it would not seek to restrict Hilltrek from using the mark. The parties have now reached a mutual agreement over the issue.

This is not the first time that a big entity has been accused of trade mark bullying, back in March we reported on BrewDog's public shaming that saw it back down in a trademark dispute.

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