May 22, 2017

Miss Universe Trade Mark Lawsuit Could Turn Ugly

It emerged last week that IMG universe, the company behind the Miss Universe Pageant, has commenced legal proceedings against Czech Republic based company Diamonds International Corp (DIC), the company responsible for creating the events much sought after crowns.

IMG, International Management Group, is a global sports and talent management company. Its parent company William Morris Endeavour (WME) bought the Miss Universe Organisation from Donald Trump in 2015. The company has since grown from strength to strength and has since been named as one of Fortune's 25 "most important private companies". The IMG universe brand is a subsidiary of WME/IMG.

It has recently come to light, however, that Prague based company, DIC, have ruffled IMG's feathers in a spat over a sponsorship agreement which was meant to run from 2015 to 2024. It has been reported in Reuters that IMG cancelled their contract with DIC after they had failed to pay two required payments, however, despite DIC's breach of contract they appeared to still be publicising their relationship and links with IMG. Reuters reported that DIC were continuing to use the Miss Universe name and logo on their website despite the contract having come to an end. IMG stated in their complaint that their trade marked logos were famous and distinctive and use of them on DIC's website would cause them great harm as the public would be deceived into thinking the two entities were still somehow linked when in fact they weren't.

This is what has caused IMG to sue the crown making company. It is reported in Reuters that IMG are suing DIC for trademark infringement, $2.04 million in contractual payments as well as damages for breaching the sponsorship agreement.

DIC's lawyers have not yet responded to the filing but it will be interesting to see what the outcome of the proceedings will be.

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