Dec 21, 2020

McDaniels Law and Transmit Start-Ups

Transmit Group is a business based in Gateshead with a national presence; it is the parent company of Transmit Start-Ups, a company that provide budding entrepreneurs with start-up loans, support and mentoring. Transmit Start-Ups receive thousands of applications each month for its start-up programme and work with hundreds of new businesses every year.

Here at McDaniels Law, we also provide advice and support to a variety of different businesses, including start-ups, on how they can identify, secure and protect their intellectual property rights.

Given the complementary nature of the services offered by both McDaniels Law and Transmit Start-Ups, we are happy to announce that we are now listed on Transmit Start-Ups marketplace as a “Tried and Tested” company. The marketplace is a directory of helpful businesses and organisations that can help start-ups get up and running. We look forward to working alongside Transmit Start-Ups in the future and providing our expertise to new businesses.

If you are starting up in business and would like some advice in relation to your intellectual property, please feel free to contact us on 0191 281 4000, or by email at

Posted by: Megan Walker in: Legal News

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