Jul 15, 2015

Material Hacked from the 'Material Girl'

Adi Lederman, a computer hacker who stole and released unfinished material from Madonna's Rebel Hart album, has been sentenced to 14 months in jail by Tel Aviv Magistrates Court in a move aimed at serving as a deterrent to others.

The 11 unfinished demo tracks were stolen from email servers used by Madonna's musical director Kevin Antunes, and her talent manager Guy Oseary.  They were released online in December 2014.  Madonna pleaded with her fans not to listen to the tracks stating at the time (via Instagram) that she had, "...been violated as a human and an artist."  The singer was forced to release 6 tracks early describing them as an 'early Christmas gift' and brought forward the release date of the album.

The hacker, who incidentally was in 2012 auditioned for and made a short appearance on A Star is Born, a television program akin to American Idol in Israel, was arrested in January after an investigation assisted by the FBI.  He subsequently pleaded guilty to charges of computer trespassing, infringement of privacy and property rights.  He was duly convicted of cybercrimes against Madonna.  However, before the trial went ahead Mr Lederman struck a plea deal in which resulted in his jail term of 14 months and a fine of 15,000 shekels (approximately £2,600).

The plea bargain suited both sides as Lederman has health issues and there were concerns over him being fit for a full trial whilst Madonna's and her team were worried that the singers personal details and information could be exposed in an open court.

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