Sep 29, 2021

Marvel-less Creators

Walt Disney Co. has initiated proceedings against numerous comic book artists in a bid to establish its ownership of rights in the Marvel superheroes it helped to create. Larry Lieber, one of the creators of Iron Man, Thor and Ant-Man is amongst those being sued, alongside Steve Ditko, one of the co-creators of Spider-Man.

Disney has requested federal courts in both New York and Los Angeles issue statutory declarations stating Disney, and Disney alone own the rights to the Marvel Characters. This comes after earlier this year Disney was served with a notice terminating Marvel’s rights to the Marvel Characters by Leiber, Stan Lee and the heirs of other late artists. A legal representative for Disney has claimed the allegations have been filed “to confirm that the termination notices are invalid and of no legal effect.”

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Posted by: Megan Walker in: Copyright, EU/International, Legal News

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