Jun 14, 2019

La Liga app infringes GDPR

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") has caused widespread fear amongst small and big business alike as stories of those falling foul of the regulations come to light and the authorities meting out exemplary punishments.

La Liga (the Spanish top flight football division) is the latest big organisation to operate contrary to GDPR due to one of the technical aspects of its app.  The app is used to subscribe to and then watch live streams of La Liga matches.  However, the app can access users' phone's microphone.  While La Liga says that that is acceptable under GDPR as users are asked twice to accept the app accessing the microphone and even watch the streams without granting such permission, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection ("AEPD") has held that the app infringes users' privacy and was therefore a breach of GDPR.

La Liga insists that the microphone access is a necessary part of its counter-piracy effort, and that the input from the microphone is immediately scrambled irretrievably into an alphanumeric code.  La Liga says that that proposition is supported by its expert report.

While La Liga has not announced whether it will appeal against the decision, it has said that it will continue to deploy technologically advanced means in the fight against digital piracy.

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