Feb 26, 2019

Kim Kardashian attacks fast fashion brand Missguided

There's rarely a quiet week that goes by for Kim Kardashian, but last week proved to be a particularly busy one for the reality star after it emerged she is suing online fast fashion retailer, Missguided.

The dispute arose after the star posted a picture of herself at a dress fitting on Instagram wearing a gold figure hugging dress made by her husband and fashion designer, Kanye West. In the post, Kim jokingly asked fast fashion brands to wait until she had actually worn the dress in real life before they 'knock it off'.

Kim Kardashian is often a target for online fashion brands that manage to recreate her style as soon as the star has been seen in a particular outfit. However, rather unbelievably, a mere 2 hours after she had posted the image, fashion retailer Missguided posted an image of its almost identical version of the dress. The post was accompanied with the caption, "the devil works hard but Missguided works harder @kimkardashian you've only got a few days before this drops online".  The Missguided copy of the dress was even displayed on a model that resembled Kim.

The brand's post was soon taken down but that didn't stop the star filing a lawsuit against the fashion brand in the Central District of California.  In the suit, the star alleges unlawful misappropriation of her image to endorse fashion.

Kim is seeking $10 million in damages as well as an injunction to stop Missguided using her photos to sell its clothing.

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