Mar 1, 2021


Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming service. K-Pop is a music genre that has spread from its South Korean origins to become globally popular over the last decade or so.

Last night hundreds of popular K-Pop songs disappeared from Spotify’s library amidst a licensing dispute between Spotify and Kakao M. (a South Korean music distribution company that licenses a significant proportion of K-Pop songs globally).
Each of Spotify and Kakao M. appears to blame the other for the dispute, with Kakao M. saying that Spotify refused to extend its existing license, and Spotify saying that its license had come to an end and no new deal had been agreed.

What is certain is that K-Pop bands whose work is distributed by Kakao M. are unhappy with the situation. Tablo, the leader and producer of popular K-Pop band Epik High tweeted his opinion:

We will wait to see whether this matter is resolved as quickly as many people would like.

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Posted by: Adham Harker in: Copyright, EU/International

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